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Our arts and craft activities 

members love doing different arts and crafts It does take continual observing, modifying, adjusting

relaxing and fun, if its one member or a group of various members at various ability levels and what they can or want to do and for how long, can vary from day to day.Activities can be meaningful, but ideally something they used to be interested in. The more reminiscing that can happen, the more opportunity to keep the memory active for as long as possible, also members are sometimes introduced new crafts ideas which they also enjoy making with lots of praise and encouragement. plus Taking home the art work to show family members and friends


Music especially singing helps unlock memories, it seems to reach parts of the brain in ways other forms of communication cannot, it helps boost confidence self esteem and quality of life by involving our members with dementia and their carers in interactive singing sessions, our members have come on so well with the singing that we get invited to sing at local community events  

Chair based exercise

Members seem to enjoy and benefit from our chair based exercise sessions that used a combination fitness exercises and activities that encouraged interaction between the participants. They all expressed how they were laughing and joking talking and still exercising. It was the concept of doing a practical task that helps improve their physical health whilst, at the same time providing the opportunity to spend time with like minded people going through similar situations as they are. 

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